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Important Factors Steps Involved

So you want to study abroad? Good idea. But choosing the right host country is probably the most important decision you'll ever make, one that will affect the course of your personal and professional life for many, many years. You'll be leaving your country for a new culture, a new way of life, and new people.


Study abroad programs offer very exciting options to those who wish to learn from experiences, explore different places and make use of the quality education available in the world. Study abroad programs can introduce you to different cultures and teach the value of shared living. And with the increasing integration of the world facilitated by tremendous improvement in the modes of communication, studying abroad has become all the easier. The increasing number of scholarship and fellowships provided by various governmental and non-governmental agencies has also worked in favor of the study abroad programmes.

Education abroad programs have always fascinated the Indian students. While in the British period, the favorite destination used to be U.K., at the present age the number of favorite education destinations of the Indian students has multiplied.

Although America attracts most of the students, study abroad programs of Canada, New Zealand, Australia, U.K., Germany and various other countries of Asia, Africa and Europe are also attracting the students.


Important Factors

Before you opt for studying abroad; you need to take care of certain factors like:

  • Quality of education of the concerned country you are planning to travel.
  • Cost of living
  • Course Fees
  • Scholarship Programs
  • Bank Loan
  • Visa Rules

Steps Involved

If you have decided to utilize the opportunity to study in a world renowned college, it would be wise to make certain arrangements.

The following points are to be taken care of:


  • Consulting the study abroad advisor is a must as you get to know the different university programs you will be offered.
  • Taking help of the academic advisor will let you know the type of credit you can receive.
  • To ensure the facility of education loans for the students studying abroad, you need to take help of the financial advisor.
  • Apply for your passport and visa and make sure the type of Visa you require.
  • Do some homework and get a better picture of the country you are about to travel.
  • Apply for the travel insurance and make sure that it should cover migration and homecoming.
  • Chalk out a budget and find out how much will be the cost of living and what are things you cannot afford to do in that foreign land.


Whether it is availing the funding opportunities offered by foreign institutions and better research opportunities or the employment opportunities abroad and having a value addition to your career, education abroad is certainly a feasible option.

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